Corporate Crisis Management and Corporate Liquidation

The Firm, with the support of its network of qualified professionals in the various fields of competence, is able to provide assistance to companies in the dissolution phase as well as in the delicate phases in which the company has to resolve situations of business crisis.

In particular, the professionals of the firm support the Client in the preparation of recovery plans, debt restructuring agreements, stand-still agreements with the banking class and negotiation with creditors, both in business continuity and as liquidators, with attention to the preservation of the company value and to the return to profitability.

The Firm is evaluating the impact of the new legislation issued by Italian Legislative Decree 14/2019 “Code of Business Crisis and Insolvency”, both for the provisions of immediate application and for those that will come into force deferred over time.

The Firm’s professionals act as financial advisors in bankruptcy and debt restructuring procedures and hold positions as judicial liquidator in limited companies.